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Here at AgInno Institute, we are passionate about reaching people for Jesus by equipping them to provide food and income for themselves and their families. We attempt to develop approaches to help families in a way that enhances dignity and which may be reapplied to others. We are partnering with universities, churches and other ministries, NGOs, and government agencies to demonstrate sustainable agriculture innovations and to define the most culturally-relevant approaches to dissemination of these success models.


What We Do

Our Work


Aquaculture Research

Our current research includes an exploratory tilapia pond at Mision El Faro in Puenta de Palma, Guatemala. We began in October, 2016, with approximately 1300 tilapia fingerlings. We successfully harvested over 700 adult tilapia in July 2017 and are now on batch number two. We plan to continue to optimize the production cost and will be starting breeding this winter (2018). Additionally, we are currently funding research at Purdue University to develop a sustainable fish feed based on non-fish protein sources (contract signed in December 2017). We believe this will enable lower-cost, locally sourceable feed for reapplication to other sites. We also plan to develop the opportunity and best practices to develop local businesses in both fish and feed production.


Scalable Systems

We plan to experiment next with alternative electricity sources for pond aeration and with recirculating systems where water is continuously filtered and bioremediated in a two barrel system. If successful, these could become an option for families to provide food for themselves or as an income source.

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It's about families

The families we hope to serve are hardworking people who happen to have insufficient resources or knowledge to significantly improve their standard of living. We plan to partner with them and serve them in the name of Jesus.


And partnerships

AgInno will also partner locally and globally with other ministries, organizations, and communities to provide technical guidance and consultation on agriculture problems and opportunities. Sharing is a basic tenet of both the scientific community and Christianity.

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Building a Brighter Future for All

At AgInno Institute we’re applying state-of-the-art agricultural research to the problem of global food security. We believe that innovative solutions are required to develop sustainable techniques for individuals and communities in developing countries. Our research and pilot programs will establish solutions, including local mastery development, that are scalable and can be readily reapplied.


"If anyone knows the good they ought to do, and doesn't do it, it is sin for them."

James 4:17

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