Our Projects

Concrete Floors for Families

Making a Difference

You can help make a significant improvement in the health and development of a family for under $1000. A World Bank study showed that replacing mud floors with concrete floors resulted in a 76% reduction in parasitic infections, a 49% reduction in diarrhea, an 81% reduction in anemia, and a 36-96% increase in cognitive development. In the past 3 months, we have been able to provide 7 needy families with concrete floors due to the generosity of our donors.


Water Projects

Doing What’s Needed

During the dry season, there are serious shortages of water, leading many families to have to walk to rivers or caves meet their families' needs. We have two types of water supply projects: rainwater harvesting from roofs into plastic tanks or wells that supply a community-sized concrete water tank. Here is a photo of a well AgInno Institute provided for the El Porvenir II community - we are seeking donors to complete the concrete community tank.

Government Medical Clinic in Chisec

Partnering to improve care for the community

The local clinic has a lot of potential and we are assessing ways to help make real patient care improvements. We have already provided ceiling fans for the main waiting area, some plumbing improvements, and will provide housing for a doctor's residency in the clinic.


University Partnerships

paddle wheel aerator_edited_edited.jpg

Paddle Wheel Aerator

2021/22 marks the 3rd year of our sponsorship of a research project at Olivet Nazarene University to develop a paddle wheel aerator system appropriate for intensive small-pond aquaculture in Guatemala. Paddle wheel aerators use less than 50% of the electricity as bubble aerators, yet are only commercially available in large sizes suitable for commercial fish production. A prototype (see photo) is now ready for field testing in Guatemala, and this year's focus is developing a solar power system for the aerator.